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Why we take pictures.

Does it seem like it takes a lot of time and effort to take pictures of your little ones? With hectic schedules and interminable chores, why spend so much time taking and editing pictures?


It really is a matter of sharing the good energy and positivism that our little ones bring to our lives. The amount of people that approach us in the street to say hi to the twins never fails to amuse us, without exception they always leave with a big smile. This situation happens every time we go out with the twins and sometimes repeatedly in the same day. That's the reason why we also want to bring this good energy to our relatives and friends through Facebook.

It takes time, you bet it does. But the moments and emotions are to big for a single frame, that's why we strive to make the most out of that little canvas in our screens.

If you also want to share the happiness of your little angels to your friends with a memorable photo, contact us to book a session.


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